Who we are?


Marlette offers a variety of delicious sweet and savory baking mixes that are easy to make at home. An assorted line of gourmet mixes produced locally and by hand… this is the key to MARLETTE’s recipes, created by two sisters, Margot and Scarlette, from their native island, Île de Ré.


Scarlette & Margot

Scarlette, a graduate in Hotel Management at Vatel, Bordeaux. Passionate about pastries and the sweeter things in life, Scarlette is mostly responsible for developing Marlette’s sweet side, creating a line of dessert mixes. Margot, an engineering graduate of AgroSup. After beginning a career in the food dehydration sector, she discovered the incredible quality and diversity of organic grains produced locally thanks to the local farmers of the Charente Maritime region. Fan of homemade bread, Margot embarked on an culinary adventure, creating flour mixes for breads and pastries.