Our commitment


Our recipes are first and foremost designed as a tribute to gourmet cuisine … We revisit traditional recipes, combining natural ingredients of the best quality with a pinch of creativity to make a great tasting and healthy product. The taste of freshly milled flour is unparallel to anything you’ll find on a store shelf and our cane sugar also known as rapadura, is an unrefined brown sugar with delicate hints of caramel and licorice. We’re organic because it’s better for the environment and furthermore because it’s good!


We pay careful attention to the overall balance of our recipes. Our ingredients are of quality and little refined (organic whole cane sugar, a minimum of type 65 flour, whole grains, etc.)…With all that flavor, we can go light on the sugar! Whole grains are sources naturally high in fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Marlette’s baking mixes are here to make your life easier. We’re the « little hand » that saves you time, we’ve chosen and measured the best ingredients, but the final achievement is yours! We encourage you to personalize your recipes by adding your favorite ingredients at home. With Marlette, there’s adding of the fresh ingredients, the joy of baking at home, and the satisfaction of homemade taste.


We select our suppliers from among those who share our passion for organic, local products, and a job well done. These are artisans who engage in regional organic farming. Our flours come exclusively from an organic farm in Charente Maritime. They are stone ground and natural (no additives, not even those authorized in the organic industry). Our ingredients that cannot be produced locally (spices, chocolate, etc..) are certified organic, fair trade, and promote sustainability.