The term millet refers to several species of cereal crops of the grass family, Poaceae.
Pearl millet is the most common variety. It is also called « candle millet » or « dark millet ».
Millet is a low allergenic and gluten-free grain that is easy to digest. It is rich in the vitamins B and E, potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.
Consumption of millet is known to increase good cholesterol. Millet has a unique flavor and the millet seeds a crunchy texture, one that is especially appreciated in our whole grain bread!


Sesame seed has grown in Africa and Asia for about 5000 years.
Its small seeds are valuable: they contain 55% unsaturated fatty acids, and are rich in fiber and minerals.
We slipped some into our Cereal Bar mixes for its nutritional qualities and for that irresistible nutty flavor …

Oat bran

Bran is the outer layer of the oat.
High in soluble fiber and pectin, bran is the appetite suppressant of choice: one spoonful is enough to decrease ones appetite, prolong satiety, and limit the absorption of fat.
Furthermore, oat bran can aid in the prevention of diabetes and help lower cholesterol.
We use oat bran in our mixes for its soft texture and distinct nutty flavor. You can enjoy it in Marlette’s oat bran cakes.

Rolled oats

Oat is a cereal grain grown for its seed. After being harvested and cleaned, oats undergo a dehulling process. They are then exposed to a heat and water treatment, separated according to size, and then milled to separate the bran from the flour.
Oats are known for their health benefits. They are rich in carbohydrates, iron, zinc, calcium, and soluble fiber, and provide healthy fats for the body.
Oats also contain an impressive amount of vitamin B1 and B5.
A mild antidepressant, oats help fight against asthma, sleep disorders, diabetes and cholesterol. Our crumble mix is rich in these nutrient packed oats!