The success of Marlette preparations is largely due to the quality of the ingredients 

selected for each recipe. Marlette uses all kinds of seeds in her preparations and each is carefully selected for its taste, texture and nutritional value. These are small ingredients that make Marlette recipes a delight of flavors and originality.


Oat yarn, used for mellowness, is very rich in fiber. It also brings a very soft texture and a little atypical and surprising taste. In addition, it limits the assimilation of fats and canslow or stop the progression of diabetes.


The flax crop in Europe has the particularity of being ecological because it does not dry the land. Flax is grown mainly for its fiber and is reputed to be the most important plant source of omega 3. It is therefore recognized for its beneficial role in intestinal transit.


It is a little allergenic cereal, gluten free and very easy to digest. It is rich in vitamins B and E, potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. Its consumption leads to an increase of good cholesterol. Millet has a special flavor that brings flavor to recipes. In addition, these small seeds are very pleasant to chew in our seed pain.