Died fruits

Dried fruits are famous for their high fiber content. They are essential against fatigue and cold in winter. Indeed, they provide trace elements, minerals and vitamins, as well as various sugars easily assimilated by the body. Organic dried fruits are harvested at full maturity and are dried at harvest, naturally in the sun or on a wood fire. Cultivated without the use of weed killers, or artificial chemical fertilizers, they are not added to no dye or preservative.


The variety used in Marlette preparations is sultanin, a white grape variety. Raisins have a wide variety of vitamins: vitamins A sought for their antioxidant and protective activity, but also vitamins B or vitamins E. The content of the raisin potassium, particularly high, confer diuretic properties natural.


The dried apricot is a real reservoir of good things. It is particularly rich in potassium, especially essential for muscle contraction. It is also very beneficial to children and adolescents for their vitamin A intake essential for growth!